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  • Sui Jin Sludge Free for a Clear Pond
    • Reduces sludge formation
    • Prevents algae bloom
    • Works via bacteria & active oxygen
  • Sui Jin "Wasserklar" for Ponds
    • For clear, fresher looking water
    • Binds turbidity and phosphates
    • Works within a few hours
  • Sui Jin Algae Stop Phosphate Binder
    • Prevents algal blooms
    • Binds excess phosphate & heavy metals
    • Reduces thread and floating algae
  • Sui Jin Stable Pond
    • Optimises pH, GH & KH
    • Stabilises the pond climate
    • Active ingredients: alkaline earth & carbonate ions
  • Sui Jin FilterStarter Micro Dry
    • Optimises & shortens the filter start
    • For koi, ornamental fish and swimming ponds
    • Also suitable for small sewage treatment plants

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