Anubias Staurogyne Repens CUP

Creeping Staurogyne

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The somewhat more demanding stem plant Staurogyne repens, the creeping Staurogyne, comes from Southeast Asia. Their gorgeous looks more than makeup for the effort. The bushy aquarium plant, which grows to a height of 5 to 10 cm, is perfect for the foreground to the middle ground of the aquarium and tolerates soft to medium-hard water.

The creeping staurogyne (Staurogyne repens) has not long been represented in the aquarium hobby. The low-growing stem plant from South America grows bushy and compact. Its small, egg-shaped leaves are light green to medium green. By regularly pruning you can grow the creeping staurogyne as a carpet plant, if you let it grow taller, you can use it to create a nice bush-like group. Again, regular pruning helps the Staurogyne repens to branch out nicely.

The creeping Staurogyne absolutely needs CO2 and plant nutrients in order to grow nicely dense and colourful. Under weak light, the aquarium plant grows upwards, with medium to a strong light the leaf nodes are nice and close together and the plant grows compact. You can prune back staurogynes regularly and vigorously without hesitation.

If you stick the cut shoots, plant a few centimetres deep into your aquarium gravel or soil, they will continue to grow there and drive out roots - this is how you multiply Staurogyne repens.

Our cups are grown in the laboratory. The so-called in vitro plants are grown sterile and can therefore also be used directly with sensitive animals such as dwarf shrimp. There are no stowaways like snails or parasites, and no pesticides are used.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
Staurogyne repens is a real asset to plant aquariums. The great stem plant fits perfectly in the foreground to the middle distance, and it responds very well to pruning.

Origin : America
Degree of Difficulty: Normal
Placement: Foreground, Middle Ground
Brands (Manufacturers): Anubias
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