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  • Easy-Life Filter Medium

    Easy-Life Filter Medium

    100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1.000 ml, 5.000 ml
    • Reduces stress in fish
    • Clarifies the water
    • Improves plant growth
  • Oase Algae Net

    Oase Algae Net

    Small - Large
    • For removing fine algae
    • Fine mesh network
    • Aluminium handle
  • Tetra Pond Koi Sticks

    Tetra Pond Koi Sticks

    1 l, 4 l, 7 l
    • Embroidered staple food for koi in the garden pond
    • Floatable sticks
    • With natural colour enhancers
  • Sera Quick test
    • Test water as a routine check or safety check
    • Measures the following values: pH, total hardness, carbonate hardness, nitrate, nitrite, chlorine
    • Test results in just 1 minute!
  • JBL MedoPond Plus

    JBL MedoPond Plus

    250 ml, 500 ml
    • Against spot disease and fungal growth
    • Does not contain copper
    • Simple application
  • Sera Pond Super Carbon
    • Removes pollutants
    • Fast and effective
    • PH-level neutral
  • Tetra Pond Kescher Net Fish
    • Suitable for catching and releasing fish
    • Net depth maximum of 47 centimetres
    • Trapezoidal net head (48 cm x 46 cm)
  • JBL ProAquaTest KH
    • Easy and safe control of the water values of aquariums
    • Determines the optimum carbonate hardness in freshwater and saltwater aquariums, as well as ponds
    • Colour change test: Add reagents drop by drop to the water sample
  • JBL AlgoPond Forte

    JBL AlgoPond Forte

    250 ml, 500 ml, 2,50 l, 5 l
    • To fight algae
    • Effective agent without copper
    • Simple application
  • Oase BioSmart Replacement Sponge
    • Incredible resilience
    • Constant water flow
    • 100% tolerance
  • Tetra Pond Multi Mix

    Tetra Pond Multi Mix

    1 l, 4 l, 7 l
    • Selected feed mix for all pond fish
    • Flakes, sticks, wafers and gammarus lobster
    • Lining for all water zones
  • Tetra Aquatic Compost
    • Pond bottom mix for healthy plant growth
    • Suitable for all pond plants
    • Avoids additional water pollution
  • JBL Set of Parts for Water Tests
    • High-quality parts set
    • For JBL water tests
    • Easy installation
  • Sera Filter Wadding

    Sera Filter Wadding

    100 g, 250 g, 500 g
    • Mechanical pre-filtering
    • Made of stable fibres
    • Suitable for all filters
  • JBL ProPond Winter L
    • Complete food with the correct protein-fat ratio of 2: 1 according to the NEO index
    • Sinking food pearls
    • Food size L (9 mm) for fish from 55-85 cm
  • Sera Leaf Net
    • Large leaf net
    • Net size: 60 x 50 cm
    • Overall length: 220 cm
  • Gardena combisystem Pond Net Vario 2
    • Finely woven mesh
    • Machine washable
    • Very durable
  • Tetra Pond Crystal Water

    Tetra Pond Crystal Water

    250 ml, 500 ml, 1.000 ml, 3 l
    • Suitable for binding dirt particles in the garden pond
    • Works within a few hours
    • Not suitable for sturgeons
  • JBL ProAquaTest Easy 7in1
    • Easy and safe control of the water values of aquariums, ponds, wells, spring and tap water
    • A quick test to determine 7 important water values: chlorine, pH, total hardness, toxic nitrogen compounds (NO2), cause of algae (NO3), pH stability (KH), CO2
    • Easy to use thanks to testing strips
  • Sera Siporax Pond Professional 25 mm
    • Fully biological filter medium
    • Degrades nitrate
    • High performance
  • Tetra KOI Beauty Small 4L
    • 1kg / 4L
    • Balanced recipe from high-quality nutrients
    • Contains essential vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and beta-glucan
  • Tetra Pond Sludge Remover 500ml
    • Degrades reliable organic sludge in the pond
    • Contains highly active bacteria and enzymes
    • Increases the depth of vision
  • Tetra Pond Goldfish Mini Pellets 1L
    • Omega-3 fatty acids provide extra energy
    • High shrimp content for good acceptance and intense colouring
    • Contains nutrients, fibre, trace elements and vitamins
  • JBL ProAquaTest Cu
    • Easy and secure control of the water values of aquariums
    • Determination of the optimum copper value for heavy metal control in freshwater and saltwater aquariums, as well as ponds
    • Laboratory comparator system for balancing water
  • Oase BioPress Replacement Sponge
    • Incredible resilience
    • Constant water flow
    • 100% tolerance
  • JBL Pond Landing Net - Fine
    • Fine-meshed fishing net
    • Telescopic handle
    • Stable 4-point bracket
  • Sera Aqua Test Set
    • Test water for beginners
    • Contains the following tests: pH, total hardness, carbonate hardness, nitrite
    • Suitable for fresh and sea water, as well as garden pond
  • Tetra Pond MediFin

    Tetra Pond MediFin

    250 ml, 500 ml
    • Universal medicinal product for all pond fish
    • Highly active combination of active ingredients against the most common diseases
    • Broad spectrum of activity
  • Oase Replacement Sponge BioSmart 18000-36000
    • High dimensional stability
    • Regular water flow
    • 100% tolerance
  • JBL ProPond Spring S
    • Complete food with the right protein-fat ratio of 3: 1 according to the NEO index
    • With salmon, soy, shrimp, wheat, spinach and spirulina for strong and healthy koi (at 10-20 ° C water temperature)
    • Food size S (3 mm) for fish from 15-35 cm

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