Water Care

Water Care

How do you maintain an aquarium and what role does water maintenance play!

Water care in the aquarium plays an enormously important role - after all, water is the medium in which all living things in the aquarium have to cope with, be it fish, shrimp, crayfish, snails or other invertebrates, the aquarium plants and - not to forget - the useful microorganisms, that take care of organic pollution and that not only mineralise feed residues and make them available for the plants but also remove such harmful substances as nitrite and ammonia from the water. The key to good water care is, therefore, a well-functioning aquarium filter. The "good" bacteria are not only here, but on all surfaces underwater - but they occur in the filter in particularly high population densities because the conditions are optimal for them here: A good, large area for colonisation, always fresh, oxygen-rich water and a steady supply of nutrients that they can metabolise.

The Dennerle corner filter is a good choice in small aquariums, and the Scapers' Flow Hangon filter is ideal for larger aquariums.

How do these useful bacteria get into the aquarium? The nitrifiers are actually soil bacteria that can survive in water - provided they get enough oxygen. Therefore, there are always some bacteria in the air, which are whirled up as dust with dry earth. Theoretically, it would be enough to simply leave an aquarium open for a certain amount of time, and the necessary bacteria come with the dust virtually "on their own". Another option would be to squeeze out filter sludge from a running aquarium in the freshly set-up pool - or to bring furnishings or plants from running tanks into the new aquarium. The disadvantage of these methods is that you have to rely on chance and you can never be sure that the bacteria that land best in the aquarium really land in the aquarium. This is because each aquarium forms its own bacterial flora, which is composed individually of a wide variety of different bacteria, which does not necessarily work equally well in the next system.

It is, therefore, better to use a highly effective bacterial starter such as the Dennerle Aquarium Starter Rapid to introduce a variety of different types of bacteria, from which the constellation that best suits this aquarium and this biological system can crystallise. Another important aspect here is the second component, the bacteria booster. This nutrient solution ensures a perfect start because it allows the bacteria to establish themselves correctly. This means that the aquarium can be filled much faster in an emergency and does not take six weeks to stand until the system is properly ready. For the care of the bacterial population in the running aquarium, it makes sense to inoculate each time the filter is cleaned, after a medication treatment or if there are problems such as an excessive build-up of mud or unstable water values (especially if the nitrite value increases).

Even in running aquariums, it can happen that the conditions change and the bacterial population then no longer fit 100%! Re-Vaccination works best with the BactoElixier Bio from Dennerle. The ampoules provide optimal support for the filter bacteria in the running aquarium. The BactoElixier FB7 also offers a balanced mixed culture of useful bacteria and brings the composition of the microorganism population back into shape. It supports the formation of biofilms, which is particularly advantageous in aquariums with shrimps, snails or some fish such as L-catfish. Biofilms are a very important part of their daily feed and provide the animals with the necessary proteins, and with the BactoElixier FB7 you can recharge and regenerate these biofilms.

How do you recognise possible problems now?

Well, the water values should give you information here. Major changes usually require intervention. With the test strips of the WaterTest 6in1 from Dennerle, you can see at a glance the six most important water values in the aquarium - the pH, the carbonate hardness (KH), the total hardness (GH), the nitrate value (NO3), the nitrite value (NO2) and chlorine (Cl ).

Here you can intervene immediately if something develops in the wrong direction.

The carbonate hardness in the aquarium is mysteriously getting less and less?

Metabolic processes of the bacteria in the filter can cause this, but aquarium snails can also pull carbonate hardness out of the water because they need lime for their shells. With the KH + Elixir from Dennerle you can prevent an acid decrease and provide your aquarium animals and especially the snails with vital lime. With this conditioner, you can specifically increase the carbonate hardness and adapt it to the needs of your aquarium inhabitants.

The Clear Water Elixir by Dennerle binds water cloudiness and unpleasant smells - this means of water maintenance can also be very useful in the aquarium, especially for aquascapers or other people who find clear water in the aquarium important. The zeolite particles attract pollution like little magnets. After the addition, they cloud the water really hard, but then settle in the filter and leave crystal-clear water with wonderful brilliance.

Note: Tap water is not aquarium water!

It is processed in waterworks so that it is safe for humans to drink, but it loses some properties that benefit fish and invertebrates and of course, the aquatic plants in the aquarium, and other things (such as chlorine or polyphosphates) are added, which can even harm your aquarium animals.

So if you use tap water to replenish your aquarium, you should treat the replacement water with Dennerle's Aqua Elixier to eliminate possible toxins such as copper or chlorine. You add substances that are filtered out as undesirable in the water by the waterworks but are actually urgently needed by fish and invertebrates, with this water purifier. It also contains a protective colloid that cares for the gills, fin skin and, above all, the mucous membrane of the fish and protects them from aggressive water. The Vital Elixir also contains substances such as vitamins and trace elements that are missing in drinking water or are in the wrong composition and that are urgently needed in the aquarium. With this water additive, you can prevent diseases that can be caused by a lack of trace elements in animals and plants in the aquarium. Dennerle has developed the Nano Crusta Mineral especially for invertebrates and especially for shrimps in the aquarium, which supplies them with a mixture of minerals and trace elements that are specially tailored to them and makes them fit.

We hope you enjoy your new aquarium!

Chris Luckhaup