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The JBL company advertises with the slogan "Vorsprung durch Forschung" (Advancement through Research), and this is also reflected in their aquarium range. Here you will find high-quality and well-thought-out products for your aquarium: aquarium technology such as external and internal filters, CO2 systems and CO2 accessories for aquariums of all sizes, heaters, coolers and so on. JBL manufactures filter materials for every problem and you can also buy a wide variety of care products for your aquarium. In addition to fertilising aquatic plants and combating algae, water care is very important at JBL. You can also get fish medication here, as well as high-quality food for your aquarium fish and your invertebrates in the aquarium. JBL also offers a nice selection of substrate for the aquarium - the well-known JBL Sansibar and Manado, but also Shrimp Soil for keeping shrimp and Plant Soil for plant aquariums, as well as natural aquarium equipment.

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