Chihiros New Doctor

Water Clarifier & Steriliser

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Comfortable care for flora and fauna - the Chihiros New Doctor is an extremely effective water clarifier and steriliser. The device combines several functions of earlier individual devices and facilitates the care and health maintenance of all aquarium inhabitants, both animal and plant. Three preset modes (plants, fish, shrimp) make it easy to use. All advantages at a glance:

Stops green algae growth, promotes plant growth, activates photosynthesis indirectly.

  • Inhibits initial growth and reproduction of phytoplankton
  • Activates microelements to promote plant growth
  • Stronger plant growth activates photosynthesis - the ecosystem becomes more stable

Eliminates carcinogenic bacteria hourly

  • Pathogenic bacteria are killed hourly via direct and indirect disinfection
  • Survival rate of young fish and shrimps improves significantly

Powerful sterilisation effectively kills pathogens (99% in test)

  • Effective against harmful bacteria (e.g. Aeromons hydrophila), herpes, fungi and coli forms
  • Useful filter bacteria are preserved or regenerated
  • The system kills only aerobic bacteria, as no residual toxicity remains
  • Interval operation leaves time for natural regeneration of filter bacteria

ALC programme - the intelligent management algorithm adapts to the environment

  • Changing aquarium environment (initial, middle, last stage) influences sterilisation intensity
  • The operating cycle is intelligently designed to change according to time series
  • ALC modes can be selected according to the application/aquarium capacity - operation is simple

Easy to install, easy to use

  • New Doctor is ready to use immediately
  • Complete set-up in just two steps
  • Operation is simple

Note: Chihiro's New Doctor should only be used in tanks with a TDS below 500 ppm and is suitable for algae suppression for tanks up to 132 litres (33 gallons).

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