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The Scaper's Green is a high-performance fertiliser for aquascaping aquariums and has an optimal combination of active ingredients for demanding aquarium plants. The fertiliser is available in different containers.

With Scaper's Green, you can offer your demanding aquarium plants a high-performance fertiliser that has an optimal combination of active ingredients. It is characterised by a long-term effect and multiply stabilised nutrients and ensures lush green leaves and bright colours in your aquascape. Scaper's Green is particularly suitable for dense planting, many fast-growing species and intensive lighting (> 1 watt per litre of aquarium water), as well as for 30-50% partial water changes per week and no or only a small amount of fish. The fertiliser is particularly characterised by its high nutrient concentration and short-term nutrient availability. The nutrient ratios were chosen so that all trace nutrients are absorbed by the plants in approximately the same ratio. This means that even with long-term, regular use, there can be no disadvantageous accumulations of individual nutrients. You can rule out a trace nutrient deficiency with proper dosage and use of Scaper's Green.

Like all Dennerle fertilisers, the Scaper's Green is very well stabilised, which means a permanently stable effect. Other fertilisers precipitate the active ingredients after a short time, which can be recognized by a brown-black discolouration and lose their effectiveness. Algae are actively displaced by regular fertilisation and have no chance. After just a few weeks you can see visible success if your plants have grown vigorously and developed intense colours. Scaper's Green can also be used in combination with carbon dioxide fertilisation and is absolutely compatible with all aquarium inhabitants such as fish, snails, shrimps and crabs if it is properly dosed and used.

Dose 10 ml of Scaper's Green per 100 litres of aquarium water with strong planting, lots of light and a total of 30-50% partial water changes per week. With less planting, weaker growing conditions and fewer partial water changes, reduce the dose by 50%. In even more intensive growing conditions (strong light aquariums) and even stronger partial water changes, double the dosage. Put the fertiliser in a heavily flowed area in the aquarium water and screw the cap back on (do not rinse with aquarium water!) You can also use Scaper´s Green as a daily fertiliser. Then dose 1/7 of the weekly dose recommended above.
With 10 ml per 100 litres of aquarium water, Scaper's Green adds 1.2 mg / l potassium and 0.15 mg / l iron.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
With the Scaper`s Green, you can have a high-performance fertiliser in your hands that will also bring your scape to the maximum!

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