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The V30 Complete is a highly concentrated professional fertiliser for all freshwater aquariums and available in different containers.

With V30 Complete you can supply your aquarium plants with all the nutrients they need for powerful and lush growth. All nutrients and building materials are available in a directly absorbable and plant-active form. Valuable trace elements such as iron and manganese provide lush green leaves. Red and red-brown leaf colours are intensified and attractive drawings are enhanced. With V30 Complete, you specifically compensate for nutrient gaps, the plants are strengthened from the inside and help stagnant growth. So-called chelates - highly effective protective binders - keep the nutrients available to plants for a long time. You can easily eliminate deficiency symptoms and the plants will appear in a magnificent green again. V30 Complete is guaranteed to be phosphate and nitrate-free and therefore does not promote algae.

In order to familiarise yourself with the topic of fertilisation, V30 offers itself as a single fertiliser. For the best possible effect, however, you should use the Dennerle fertiliser system.

Like all Dennerle fertilisers, the V30 is also very well stabilised, which means a permanently stable effect. Other fertilisers precipitate the active ingredients after a short time, which can be recognised by a brown-black discolouration and lose their effectiveness. Algae are actively displaced by regular fertilisation and have no chance. After just a few weeks you can see visible success if your plants have grown vigorously and developed intense colours. V30 can also be used in combination with carbon dioxide fertilisation and is absolutely compatible with all aquarium inhabitants such as fish, snails, shrimps and crabs, if it is dosed and used properly.

With normal planting and lighting, dose 2 pump strokes per 100 litres of aquarium water every 2 weeks.
With strong planting and lighting, dose up to 2 pump strokes per 100 litres of aquarium water per week.

When using the Perfect plan fertiliser system, the doser or in combination with Carbo Elixier Bio, the dosage changes!

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
With the V30 Complete, you can feel your way into the world of aquarium plants and fertilisation!

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