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Live food for fresh and saltwater fish

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JBL ArtemioPur pure Artemia eggs for mixing live food for tropical fresh and saltwater fish. For many young animals, Artemia nauplii are just small enough to be eaten. Freshly hatched Artemia nauplii are indispensable live food for successful and low-loss fish farming. With JBL ArtemioPur, these nauplii can be easily incubated as needed. The animal protein share helps them to optimise growth and an intact immune system. Picky fish, as well as those from wild-catching areas, can feed only under certain circumstances - live food is the best choice here.

Very small juvenile fish must first be fed with protozoa (paramecium) or JBL NobilFluid until they are large enough to handle Artemia nauplii. JBL ArtemioPur is placed in a 2-3% culture solution made with a special salt (sold separately) and well aerated. The Artemia nauplii then hatch after 24-36 hours. The slippage rate of JBL ArtemioPur is guaranteed even after prolonged storage thanks to filling under nitrogen.

Fish love a varied diet! In the case of one-sided fish feeding, it can lead in the long run to deficiency symptoms, diseases and depletion of the organs. When taking or buying live food, there is a risk of introducing unwanted bacteria and parasites into the aquarium.

The production of your own live food brings with it some advantages:

  • Parasite-free
  • High in fibre
  • Promotes the hunting drive of the fish
  • Increases spawning readiness
  • Simple, fast and convenient
  • Cheap alternative to frozen food

Have fun with your live food:

  • Add salt to water
  • Add Artemia eggs to salted water
  • Wait until they hatch
  • Drain through a sieve
  • Ready for feeding

JBL ArtemioPur Artemia eggs are incubated in a 2-3% saline solution. This is best achieved with JBL ArtemioSal. This special salt contains microalgae as an initial food and a buffer system to maintain the optimal pH. The best way to hatch in the JBL ArtemioSet. In addition to a specially designed culture vessel and a ventilation pump, the set contains all the necessary parts for comfortable and efficient hatching.

Fill the jar with 0.5 litres of water and add 10-15g (2 scoops) of JBL ArtemioSal and, as needed, 1-3 scoops of JBL ArtemioPur Artemia eggs. With strong aeration and a temperature of 25 ° C, the nauplii hatch in about 24 hours. At low temperatures, it is correspondingly slower. The aeration is absolutely necessary and ensures an optimal hatching result and the required oxygen supply. After hatching, shut off the ventilation. The nauplii now collect within a few minutes on the floor at the bottom of the vessel and the empty eggshells on the water surface. Depending on the intended use, you can now sow the nauplii and feed them to your fish or raise them separately.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
JBL ArtemioMix is ideal for producing self-sufficient quantities of professional live food!

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