Microbe-Lift Resin-Pure - Mixed Bed Resin

Water purification with deioniser

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118ml - 3790ml


The Resin-Pure desalinator is a mixture of cation and anion resin (H+ and OH-), which is ideal for commercial resin filters. The Resin-Pure permanently removes not only the finest residues of silicate and nitrate, but also other dissolved organic and inorganic substances. The mixture thus ensures the purest water, which has an average conductivity of approx. 0.1 μS/cm.

Ratio cations:anions = 40:60

A notice:

The conductance of the water must be measured at regular intervals. Increasing conductivity values indicate that the resin needs to be replaced. The mixed-bed resin must always be installed downstream of an osmosis system - the mixed-bed resin is the last stage.

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