Olibetta Catfish Tunnel Semicircular - Both Sides Open

Aquarium decoration

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The semicircular catfish tunnel made of real wood is 18-25 cm high and 12-16 cm long. The front and rear open drilled tunnel have a diameter of 4 cm - this fits for Bushymouth catfish and other similarly sized aquarium catfish, for cave inhabiting crayfish and dwarf crayfish and also for cave breeders like smaller cichlids, gobies and so on.

The cave, which is open at the front and back, is especially well suited for a crab aquarium and is suitable when a cave dweller needs to make a quick escape.

The catfish tunnel made of natural wood is a great natural aquarium decoration with a really practical use. You should always remember that you should have more hiding places in the aquarium than the number of cave dwellers so that there is no dispute over the best places and so that there are numerous choices.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:

The catfish tunnel is already a great piece for the aquarium, but planted with moss or fern it looks even more quaint and fits even better against the backdrop of other green or even red aquarium plants. With the quick-release gel ProHaru Rapid from JBL you can fix the project very quickly, or you can bind the plants in a classic way with nylon thread, which is of course also.

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