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Tetra Biocoryn is a water conditioner for freshwater aquariums that prevents silting up of the substrate and unpleasant smells.

The water is not clarified mechanically by a filter system alone. Special bacteria are required for the conversion of ammonia to nitrate, which find a large space in a sufficiently dimensioned filter system. With the use of Tetra SafeStart, the aquarist creates optimal conditions for good bioactivity in the aquarium. A widespread opinion that predominantly the bacteria of the Nitrobacter group are active as nitrifying bacteria in the aquarium has been scientifically refuted. In natural biofilms from aquariums, Tetra Research was able to identify the bacteria of the Nitrospira strain as the predominant representative of the nitrite-reducing bacteria. The ammonia, which is also very harmful to the fish, is broken down by bacteria of the genera Nitrospira and Nitrosomonas. The latest discoveries in microbiology ultimately led to SafeStart's product development. Optimal conditions for the settlement of these important bacteria are achieved with Tetra Bactozyme. It covers all surfaces with a bacteria-promoting biofilm on which nitrifying bacteria can develop. Tetra Biocoryn complements these products.

Tetra Biocoryn prevents silting up of the substrate and unpleasant smells. Tetra Biocoryn contains highly active enzymes and bacterial concentrates that detoxify the water and accelerate the breakdown of organic material such as food residues, fish excretions or dead plant parts. Mulm reliably breaks down the special formula with immediate and long-term effect and prevents further silting up. The water gets rid of unpleasant smells, is clear and healthy. Tetra Biocoryn reliably detoxifies the water and reduces strain on the filter. The accumulation of organic pollutants and the clogging of the filter is prevented. The maintenance effort is reduced by the extended cleaning intervals and the longer filter life.

Weekly 1 capsule per 50-60 litres of aquarium water. In addition, with every water change.

Oliver Knott recommends:

Tetra Biocoryn prevents soil silting, which extends filter service life and cleaning intervals!

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