Tetra Pond Water Stabiliser 1.2kg

Water Treatment

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Ensures fast and effective stabilisation of important values in the pond
  • Allows a controlled KH increase
  • Prevents soft water
  • Simple application

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The Tetra Pond Water Stabiliser is a water conditioner that stabilises the most important water parameters in the garden pond.

Water is shaped by its environment and is different everywhere due to various influences. Pure rainwater already absorbs environmental pollutants in the atmosphere. As it seeps into the ground, it becomes groundwater and its chemical composition changes again. Harmful substances for fish and other aquatic organisms can also be contained in drinking water, such as chlorine or copper. It is therefore important to make tap water suitable for fish using a water treatment agent. The water quality in ponds changes due to biological and chemical processes. In order to ensure the best possible environmental conditions for fish, it is advisable to test the water values regularly every week. In special situations, such as when setting up the pond or when new fish are to be used in the garden pond, they should even be checked daily. All Tetra products are simple, very precise and use professional methods for determining the chemical water values. They are available for all important water values.

The Tetra Pond Water Stabiliser ensures fast and effective stabilisation of important water values in the garden pond. It enables the controlled increase in carbonate hardness (KH) and balances the natural, continuous KH reduction in water and prevents soft water. The important pH value is stabilised and prevents fish loss due to pH fluctuations and acid drops. Stable KH and pH values are a basic requirement for healthy water and the well-being of fish and garden pond residents. Tetra Pond WaterStabiliser dissolves quickly, does not cloud and works immediately. The dosage is recommended monthly.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:

With the Tetra Pond Water Stabiliser, you can stabilise your pond water to an optimal level in which your valuable animals will feel comfortable!

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