Anubias Cryptocoryne Beckettii

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The relatively easy to maintain Cryptocoryne beckettii has been on the market for over 60 years and can also be found as Beckett's water trumpet. It originally comes from Sri Lanka and tolerates soft to hard water. The lawn-forming rosette plant, which grows to a height of 15 to 20 cm, really comes into its own in the front to middle of the aquarium.

It forms green to reddish-brown wavy leaves that sit on reddish-brown fleshy petioles. This makes it perfect for the front middle ground in the aquarium, where it loosens up lawn plantings nicely and can even be used as a lawn plant.

Cryptocoryne beckettii is a beautiful aquarium plant with different coloured leaves and belongs to the species group C. wendtii. The growth form is a rosette plant. It grows somewhat faster with CO2 and a good nutrient supply under medium-strong light than in low-tech aquariums and can absorb soft to medium-hard water well. Since it also absorbs its nutrients through the roots, it should be supplied with root fertiliser immediately after setting and then at regular intervals.

Cryptocoryne beckettii reproduces through daughter plants at the rosette base. Simply separate and plant, that's it. Not really expensive, but because the plant grows so slowly, you still need patience.

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Degree of Difficulty: Easy
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