Back to Nature Stone Background for Aquariums 3D

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The 3D aquarium and terrarium background Rocky Juwel from Back to Nature comes in two parts. It is a very attractive, nicely structured rocky background, modeled after nature itself.

It is less deep than, for example, the BtN Tanganyika or Malawi backgrounds, and for this reason it doesn't protrude as much into the tank, leaving more room for the plants and decoration. The Back to Nature background Rocky Juwel is therefore highly suitable for the use in smaller tanks that are less deep. Despite its flatter design, the Rocky Juwel background for aquariums and terrariums has an exceptionally natural feel and lets your planted tank or terrarium look like a biotope in nature. The Rocky Juwel background consists of two parts, which makes installation and set-up in the aquarium or terrarium so much easier.

Our expert Oliver Knott says:
This rocky background is beautiful, and especially impressive in combination with single rock modules, pieces of rock or natural driftwood and with aquarium plants to form a stunning layout in an aquarium, an aquascape or a terrarium.

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