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The Bio-CO2 Control-Gel is used for biological CO2 production in freshwater aquariums and is also available as a double pack.

With the Bio-CO2 Control-Gel, the CO2 production and addition are fully automatic in the right amount. You neither have to set something complicated nor measure something. It couldn't be easier and more convenient! The Bio-Co2 is therefore ideal for all CO2 beginners or just to try it out. After just a few weeks you can see the success: The plants grow significantly better, are greener and stronger and more vital. The whole aquarium literally comes alive! Dennerle Bio-CO2 uses the well-known fact that yeast cells can produce CO2 from sugar under exclusion of oxygen. The problem is that a fermentation process with pure sugar usually starts very quickly, but already drops sharply after a few days. As a result, the aquarium gets too much CO2 at the beginning, shortly afterwards too little. The Control Gel, on the other hand, produces constantly over 30 days, which means an almost constant amount of CO2 for more than a month! Each CO2 controlled release produces well over 300,000 CO2 bubbles. Your aquarium will be optimally supplied every day!

Tip: If you really want to get the most out of your plant aquarium, combine the CO2 fertilisation with the plant elixir and the NutriBalls!

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:

With Bio-CO2 you can familiarise yourself easily and safely with the CO2 issue and will soon add a "correct" CO2 fertiliser system to your Christmas wish list!

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