Dennerle Deponit NutriBalls 4er

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Dennerle Deponit Nutriballs are a universal root fertiliser and are suitable for root fertilisation of aquatic plants in a freshwater aquarium. They are available in different containers.

With Deponit Nutriballs, quickly balance nutrients in the substrate and boost new plants so they form roots faster and thus develop a stronghold in the substrate. With this jump start, your plants will grow quickly and vigorously, and develop intense colours. Depending on the plant size, it's possible to easily press 1-4 balls into the root area of the plant. With this controlled release nutrient supply, help your plants to grow. Add new Deponit Balls approximately every 6-8 weeks.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:

Deponit Balls are a great root fertiliser, which quickly give your "old" plants new strength and a fresh look!

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