Dupla Silicone Tube, 1x3 mm

For aquarium filters and pumps

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The Dupla 1x3 m silicone hose is used to supply CO2 and oxygen for use with air pumps and CO2 fertilisation systems in freshwater aquariums.

The high-quality Dupla silicone hose is gas-proof, so that carbon dioxide does not diffuse, for example, and is suitable for operating CO2 fertiliser systems and air pumps. The length can be varied by cutting.


Hoses are sometimes unruly, slightly kinked, or in an inappropriate shape. If the hose is placed in hot water for 20 minutes, it is then much more flexible and kink-free.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:

With the Dupla silicone hose, you can operate CO2 systems and air pumps easily and conveniently.

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