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Medicinal and care products for aquariums

The eSHa brand stands for over 50 years of experience in the field of medicinal and care products for aquariums. Regardless of whether it is a remedy for aquarium fish, care products for tropical fish, algae and snail control or a means of promoting plant growth, all products from eSHa are easy to use and offer excellent value for money. And not least because of this, countless aquarists trust them.

Esha: 8 products


  • Esha Hexamita
    • Against hole in the head disease
    • Works with bacterial infection
    • Works with fungus
  • Esha Exit

    Esha Exit

    20 ml, 180 ml, 500 ml
    • Works against white spots
    • For freshwater ornamental fish only
  • eSHa 2000
    • Against fungus
    • Against fin rot
    • Against bacterial diseases
  • Esha Gastrobac
    • Bacterial slime formation
    • Not suitable for apple snails
    • For freshwater ornamental fish
    • Liquid fertiliser
    • Biologically compatible
    • For lush vegetation
    • Very simple application process
    • 50 Test strips
    • Quickand easy
    • With trace elements
    • With minerals
    • Improves fish health
    • Especially for crypto plants
    • Fertiliser
    • Fights plant diseases

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