Fluval AquaVac Plus Gravel Cleaner

2-in-1 device - Electric gravel cleaner and water changer in one

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The Fluval AquaVAC Plus is an aquarium cleaning MacGyver!

The all-rounder effectively collects dirt and impurities, while the substrate to be cleaned sinks cleanly and evenly back onto the aquarium floor due to its higher weight.

If the cordless Fluval AquaVAC+ is in use, this means considerable time savings and less effort for the maintenance for all aquarists. In a nutshell: you don't have to change the water as often. The AquaVAC + is ideal for extremely quick and effective cleaning of the floor substrate - practical battery operation, easily replaceable filters and the quickly switchable water-suction function make this possible. The maintenance effort is significantly reduced and simplified.

While its "brother" the Fluval ProVAC is connected to the power with a cable, the AquaVAC + does not have any and does not need a water-suction adapter anymore, because - (drum roll!) - it can do both at the same time. This means: It is actually a battery-operated gravel cleaner and water vacuum cleaner in one. It is completely waterproof so that it can be completely submerged and is variably adjustable in size. There are two interchangeable suction tubes (10 cm or 20 cm) for shallow or deeper aquariums.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Practical 2-in-1 construction
  • Delivered with batteries
  • Can reach up to 91 cm depth
  • Has a practical, pull-out hanger for storage
  • Integrated gravel protection catches substrate that wants to escape :)
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Two extension tubes for different depths
  • Quickly removable, double-layer filter insert

Last but not least, the filter unit of the Fluval AquaVAC + gravel cleaner should be mentioned. Typically Fluval, its filter insert can be easily removed and the filter pad changed quickly. And because this is double-layered, one level catches coarser particles, while the second layer binds the fine particles. Voilà, done and clean.

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