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From Garnelenhaus you can find two brands in the Olibetta online shop: GlasGarten and Salty Shrimp. GlasGarten offers you delicious, high-quality shrimp feed made from the best ingredients, which is produced gently and according to the latest scientific findings and will taste really good for the dwarf shrimp in your aquarium. You also get the tried-and-tested Environment Soil, which is specially made for shrimp tanks and automatically sets the water values to soft and slightly acidic and keeps them there. The ideal addition to the Envi Soil is the hardening salt Salty Shrimp GH + for bee shrimp, which is also developed and sold by the Garnelenhaus. You can also buy the other hardening salts for Sulawesi shrimp and for shrimps that would like a little harder water, as well as various fish- and shrimp-friendly humic preparations and other products for water treatment in the aquarium here in our online shop.

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