JBL Punktol Plus


  • Remedies for white spot disease
  • For fresh and seawater
  • In the case of parasites for fresh and saltwater fish
  • JBL online hospital: access to the detection of fish diseases
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Item no.: JBL-1006500, Content: 100 ml

EAN: 4014162100658

  • Remedies for white spot disease
  • For fresh and seawater
  • In the case of parasites for fresh and saltwater fish
  • JBL online hospital: access to the detection of fish diseases


The JBL Punktol Plus is a remedy for the spot disease in aquarium fish and is sufficient for repeated use (treatment duration approx. 15 days).

Semolina-like white spots on the skin, fins and gills of the fish are characteristic of the so-called white spot disease caused by Ichthyophthirius in freshwater. In seawater, this disease is caused by cryptocarion. The dots here are larger, almost pure white and less numerous than in freshwater. The preparation also works against the recurring strains of Ichthyophtirius. Velvety, thin, bluish-white skin deposits in freshwater fish indicate an infection with the bean-shaped skin cloud Costia (Ichthyobodo). A carpet-like white pile in the mouth area, often after injuries or other pre-infections in gourami fish, is caused by the bell animal Heteropolaria colisarum.

The following specific symptoms can also be observed in the case of an infestation with the named and other parasites: accelerated breathing, chafing on objects and substrate, fin sticking, refusal to feed, reduced mobility, apathy, darkening, increased mucus formation.

The white dot disease is a parasite from the group of the cilates, which can be killed quickly and safely with JBL Punktol Plus. Because the parasite on the fish "protects" the fish's mucous membrane, a medication cannot kill the parasite on the fish directly. The parasite has a life cycle that has several stages in which it cannot be killed. Successful control is only possible in a free-floating “swarming phase”. It is therefore advisable to raise the water temperature by 3 ° C (maximum, however, to 30 ° C). The life cycle is accelerated and the chance of catching the parasite in the vulnerable swarming phase increases considerably!

Before and during use, activated carbon must be removed from the filter, UV-C water clarifier, CO2 fertilisation, and additional skimmers and ozonisers in seawater must be switched off. A 50% water change must be carried out before use. During treatment, the aquarium is to be ventilated with a vent stone using a diaphragm pump. JBL Punktol Plus should always be added in the morning while observing the animals.

The dosage depends on the respective pathogen. A detailed treatment plan is included with the product. After the start of treatment, the fish should not be fed for 3 days. Reduced feeding can be started on the 4th day. Biologically active filters that have been in place for some time can partially inactivate the drug. Filter cleaning is therefore recommended before use, and the substrate should also be vacuumed off with a dome. After treatment, the aquarium water should be filtered over activated carbon for 24 hours to remove drug residues. Added bacterial products also help to replace damaged cleaning bacteria. The ammonium/ammonia and nitrite values should be measured daily during and after treatment. The active ingredient causes water colouring, which disappears after a short time.

JBL Punktol is incompatible with cartilage fish such as rays and sharks. Long-term damage can occur to corals and other lower animals in seawater. Fish should, therefore, be treated separately in a quarantine tank if possible. Invertebrates in freshwater (shrimp, snails, crayfish, etc.) may experience intolerance. You should be excluded from treatment for safety reasons. Scale-less fish such as loach and catfish, as well as already weakened animals, can react sensitively. Therefore, only half the dosage should be started first and this should be increased carefully. Water purifiers reduce the effectiveness of the active ingredient. Discolouration of plastic furnishings and transparent silicone seams can be expected.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
If white spots appear, immediate action is required so that the fish are not further burdened unnecessarily! JBL Punktol helps to remove unwanted parasites and contributes significantly to the recovery of sensitive animals!

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