Olibetta Catfish Paradise - Semicircular - 1 Grotto & 1 Tunnel Combined

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With the semicircular catfish paradise made of natural wood, you have both - a closed and an open tunnel. So your cave dwellers can choose exactly which form of housing they like most. The catfish paradise is suitable for catfish, crayfish and cave-breeding cichlids and other cave breeders such as gobies and looks really great. This natural aquarium decoration is 12-16 cm long and 18-25 cm high. Both tunnels are 4 cm in diameter - very well suited for catfish the size of a Bushymouth catfish or for smaller cichlids from South America, for gobies and smaller crayfish.

The grotto, closed on the backside, is the perfect spawning ground for cave dwellers in the aquarium. Nobody can sneak up from behind here. In contrast, the cave, which is open at the back, allows the cave-dweller to disappear through the back entrance if someone wants to barge in.

The catfish paradise made of real wood is a grown natural product. It looks a bit like half a tree trunk that has fallen into the water. Keep in mind that your cave dwellers in your aquarium like to have a certain amount of choice when it comes to finding a dwelling - there should always be one or two more hiding places available than they would actually need.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:

With a green blanket of moss or a fern (or with a combination planting), you can make the catfish paradise even more natural. The best way to do this is simply with the quick-release gel ProHaru Rapid by JBL, but even with nylon thread the planting pretty good, if you are reasonably adept.

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