Olibetta Gravel - Samurai 3-5mm

Aquarium gravel

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The Olibetta aquarium gravel natural gravel mixture was compiled from attractive, perfectly coordinated natural coloured pebbles. The coarser grain with slightly differently sized pebbles ensures a visually perfect, varied ground structure in the aquarium.

You can use this natural gravel mix alone in the aquarium or combine it with other gravels. If you have a substrate in your aquarium or aquascape with finer grain sizes, you can set great accents with this larger gravel mix and loosen up the layout. All Olibetta natural gravel mixes are water neutral, non-hardening, and the edges of the pebbles are rounded so no aquarium dwellers can hurt themselves.

The Olibetta natural gravel mix for aquariums not only has a decorative effect but also has a favourable effect on the water quality in your aquarium or aquascape. The gravel floor in the aquarium works as a gigantic biological filter and rapidly reduces water pollution in aquarium water. The natural gravel should be thoroughly rinsed with cold water before use to remove any abrasive debris and dust.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:

This coarse natural gravel mixture is very harmonious in terms of colour and gives you the opportunity to visually loosen up your aquascape or aquarium and make it very individual.

Grain Size : 3-5 mm
Brands (Manufacturers): Olibetta

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