Olibetta Shrimp Hotel - Half-Round M

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The semicircular shrimp hotel, in size M, is made of natural wood. 8-9 tunnels with a diameter of 1 cm are drilled here. The hotel is 10-12 cm in height and 7-8 cm in length. The drilled holes are big enough for all ages of dwarf shrimp, and they also fit small dwarf crabs and even newly hatched crayfish.

The little crawlers are particularly vulnerable immediately after a moult. In order to grow up healthy, the young of shrimp and crayfish shed their skin almost daily, and they will certainly be very grateful if you provide them with good hiding places. In the Shrimp Hotel, you can let their shell harden in peace and do not have to fear any predators. Egg-bearing females also like to take time out and like to retire to hiding.

The shrimp hotel nade of natural, real wood is a decorative piece of aquarium equipment that, as a natural detail in the shrimp aquarium or dwarf crab aquarium, serves as a unique eye-catcher.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:

For example, you could green the shrimp hotel with a little moss so that your baby shrimp have a playground and so that the beautiful wooden hiding place fits even better into your planted aquarium. This works without any problems with the quick adhesive gel ProHaru Rapid from JBL or in the classic Japanese way with a nylon thread.

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