Olibetta Shrimp Hotel - Semicircular S

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The semi-circular shrimp hotel of size S made of real wood is 7-9 cm high and 5-6 cm long. The 5-6 drilled tunnels have a diameter of 1 cm - enough for dwarf shrimp of all ages, for smaller dwarf crabs and also for young crayfish.

Shrimp and crayfish are particularly vulnerable after moulting, and to be able to grow, the young animals first have to shed their skin almost daily. Such hiding places are of course very welcome! Here the little ones can harden in peace and are not bothered by conspecifics or potential predators. Egg-bearing females are often really grateful for a break and like to hide.

The small shrimp hotel made of real wood is a beautiful piece of aquarium decoration, which looks great as a natural detail in your shrimp aquarium or dwarf crayfish aquarium.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:

You can plant the shrimp hotel with moss so that it fits even better into a green aquarium - so you can also build a green playground for your shrimp babies! With the quick adhesive Gel ProHaru Rapid from JBL or of course very classic with a nylon thread you can implement the "Moss hotel" project very quickly.

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