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Dupla Vit is a vitamin concentrate that is added to fish feed or aquarium water and is suitable for fresh and saltwater aquariums, as well as for use in garden ponds.

The Dupla vitamin concentrate prevents deficiency symptoms and, thanks to the fine dosing tip, can be easily applied to the feed. Food stored near the aquarium can lose vitamins and minerals just a few months after opening, and frozen food also contains only a few vitamins. Vitamin deficiency can be a trigger for diseases in the aquarium. Fish come under stress due to various causes; be it due to relocation-related transport, inferior water quality or overstocking. Dupla Vit, therefore, prevents deficiency symptoms and strengthens resistance. A balanced feeding also supports the colour formation and healthy growth of the animals and thus the overall appearance, as well as increasing spawning and fertility. However, the beneficial microorganisms such as cleaning bacteria in the aquarium can also be supported in their work by adding vitamin drops directly into the aquarium water. However, since vitamins are sensitive to light, they should only be added to the aquarium when the lighting is switched off.

Tip: Drizzle freshly sifted Artemia nauplii with a few drops of Dupla Vit vitamin concentrate and let stand for an hour. The Artemia nauplii eat the vitamins and are therefore even more valuable for the fish.

Feeding recommendation
Dupla Vit 10 ml vitamin concentrate can be dripped and fed onto the respective feed with 3-5 drops daily. With flake food, wait until the flakes have absorbed most of the vitamins before feeding. Frozen food should generally only be thawed and rinsed. Drain this well and then enrich it with Dupla Vit. If you would like to add Dupla Vit directly into the aquarium water, this would be recommended in the evening after the lighting phase has ended.
Dupla Vit should be kept in the fridge after opening and used within three months.

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