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  • Tetra Pond UV Booster
    • Enhances the effect of UV clarifiers
    • Eliminates unpleasant smells
    • Improves water quality
  • Tetra Pond AlgoFree

    Tetra Pond AlgoFree

    250 ml, 500 ml, 1.000 ml, 3 l
    • Effectively removes green water from floating algae
    • For use at low temperatures
    • Effectively blocks the first burst of algae
  • Tetra Pond Sludge Remover 500ml
    • Degrades reliable organic sludge in the pond
    • Contains highly active bacteria and enzymes
    • Increases the depth of vision
  • Tetra Pond AlgoFin

    Tetra Pond AlgoFin

    250 ml, 500 ml, 3 l
    • For the effective and safe destruction of algae in the garden pond
    • Has an intensive effect on thread, floating and lubricating algae
    • Targeted use against algae
    • Suitable for catching and releasing fish
    • Net depth maximum of 47 centimetres
    • Trapezoidal net head (48 cm x 46 cm)
    • High-quality humic acids give the water a natural colour
    • Colouring of the water acts as a light filter
    • For natural, clear pond water
    • Eliminates limescale in fountains and ponds
    • Prevents the formation of new lime
    • Compatible with all fish and plants when used according to the instructions for use
  • Tetra Pond AlgoRem

    250 ml, 500 ml, 3 l
    • Removes floating algae quickly and specifically
    • 24-hour emergency assistance
    • Removes phosphates
    • Pond bottom mix for healthy plant growth
    • Suitable for all pond plants
    • Avoids additional water pollution
  • Tetra Pond AquaSafe

    250 ml, 500 ml
    • Ensures natural and fish-compatible pond water
    • Prepares tap water
    • With immediate and long-term effects
    • Ensures fast and effective stabilisation of important values in the pond
    • Allows a controlled KH increase
    • Prevents soft water
    • For a natural and biological balance in the garden pond
    • Supports the self-cleaning power of the water
    • Ensures improved water quality
    • With B vitamins and active iodine
    • For vital, colourful fish and strong plants, especially after winter rest
    • Adds vital vitamins and trace elements to the pond water
    • Suitable for binding dirt particles in the garden pond
    • Works within a few hours
    • Not suitable for sturgeons
    • A purely biological effect
    • Improves water quality and prevents rotting processes
    • Reduces organic turbid substances (fish droppings, leaves, etc.) with special cleaning bacteria
    • Suitable for removing algae and plant residues
    • Particularly fine-mesh network (mesh size 0.5 mm)
    • Light telescopic rod made of aluminium (135-203 cm)
    • Ensures an optimal start to the pond season
    • Provides iron to promote plant growth
    • Particularly simple and precise dosing
    • Prevents algae growth
    • Improves the natural, biological balance
    • Can be used throughout the pond season
    • Provides the plants with nutrients over a period of four weeks
    • Specially coordinated combination of iron, potassium and other valuable trace elements
    • Works immediately thanks to the quick absorption of nutrients
    • Supports the breakdown of ammonia and nitrite
    • Improves water quality
    • Supports the biological cleaning power of the pond filter
  • Tetra Pond MediFin

    250 ml, 500 ml, 3.000 ml
    • Universal medicinal product for all pond fish
    • Highly active combination of active ingredients against the most common diseases
    • Broad spectrum of activity
    • Prevents the formation of new algae
    • Permanently removes algae in fountains and ponds
    • Particularly effective for floating algae ("green water") and thread algae
    • This increases the well-being of the fish
    • Eliminates harmful organic substances and detoxifies the water
    • Improves water quality in a natural way
    • Cleans waterfalls and watercourses
    • Active oxygen destroys the algae cells
    • Even stubborn algae carpets die within 24-48 hours

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