Tetra Pond Sludge Remover 500ml

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Tetra Pond sludge remover is a water conditioner that removes organic sludge from the pond bottom quickly and reliably.

Garden ponds are a fascinating design element in the garden. The plants in and at the pond are not only beautiful to look at but they are also an important contribution to the natural ecological balance. Algae are among the lower plants and are also a completely natural part of the biotope garden pond. However, if they have the opportunity to multiply, algae can become a real problem. Massive cloudiness ("green water"), but also water values in critical areas can be the result. The best way to combat algae is prevention. Water quality is the quality of life for fish and plants. A landscaped garden pond is a closed system in which contaminants can quickly accumulate and harmful nitrogen compounds can develop, which deteriorate the water quality. Over time, too many organic substances accumulate on the bottom of the pond, which can lead to problems, as well as in the water, which leads to turbidity. But freshly supplied tap water should also be prepared to be fish-friendly.

Tetra Pond sludge remover reliably breaks down organic soil sludge in the pond. The water purifier contains highly active bacteria and enzymes that sustainably break down the organic part of the sludge on the pond floor and support the biological balance. The depth of sight is increased and the cleaning intervals considerably extended. Tetra Pond sludge remover offers an immediate and long-term effect and is particularly suitable for heavy leaf fall in the pond and higher fish stocks. When microorganisms break down contaminants and nitrogen compounds, oxygen is consumed. Additional pond aeration is therefore recommended during use.

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With Tetra Pond sludge remover you can clean your pond in a biological way!

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