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With the Tunze Silphos, you can quickly and reliably remove excess silicate from your fresh and saltwater aquarium.

Silicates are mostly introduced into the aquarium via tap water. Values above 0.4 mg / L of silica are usually a problem. Diatoms form brown deposits on plants, corals, discs and decorations. So-called silicate removers are used to remove the basis of diatoms. You should keep an eye on the silicate content in your aquarium and check it regularly!

With the Tunze Silphos you can tackle the silica! The iron-based adsorber granulate is suitable for fresh and saltwater aquariums and removes silicates and phosphates directly from the aquarium water. Silphos works highly effectively, safely and binds silicate and phosphate to the granulate. This reduces unwanted algae growth and prevents the formation of the algae phase. Silphos has a very high binding capacity and should be used very sparingly. It is also suitable for two Tunze refills 870 or one 1670. The content corresponds to approx. 1000g. The binding capacity at 1000g Tunze Silphos is: 280g phosphate (PO4) and 80g silicate (SiO2)

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
With the Tunze Silphos, you can effectively solve silicate problems and thereby prevent unsightly algae in your aquarium!

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