Dupla Ground Green Eye 0.5-1.4mm

Coloured gravel

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Dupla Ground Colour Green Eye is a light green coloured gravel with a grain size of 0.5-1.4 mm which is suitable for use in freshwater aquariums and is available in other containers and grain sizes.

Healthy plants are not just a question of appearance; magnificent and healthy plants offer fish protection and hiding places, improve water values and produce vital oxygen. With Dupla Ground Color pebbles, you create the best possible conditions for this!

Dupla Ground Colour Green Eye is a light green coloured gravel for freshwater aquariums with a grain size of 0.5-1.4 mm and available as a 5kg container. This coloured gravel creates the best conditions for a functioning aquarium with magnificent and healthy vegetation. The fine grain offers plants a secure hold and is ideal for transporting essential nutrients to the plant roots. The ideal structure creates an optimal soil climate and guarantees reliable root formation. Thanks to its special grain size, it also protects the sensitive barbels of burrowing and burrowing bottom fish such as loaches and catfish. Dupla Ground Color Green Eye is pH-neutral, CO2- and drug-resistant and free of harmful substances and therefore suitable for all aquarium inhabitants.

Before the first application, Dupla Ground Colour Green Eye should be rinsed through with cold water to remove transport-related abrasion. A layer thickness of 5-8 cm above the nutrient base, depending on the planting, has proven to be optimal.

The use of a floor convector and a nutrient substrate will help you to have a magnificent and healthy planted aquarium in the long term! Consider these options in advance, as these are placed under the aquarium gravel and can only be installed afterwards by clearing the aquarium.
The correct amount of substrate is calculated using the following formula:
Aquarium length (cm) x width (cm): 140. The result is the amount of substrate for a 5 cm thick layer. Example: length 100 cm x width 40 cm = 28.6 kg.

Grain Size : 0.5-1.4 mm
Brands (Manufacturers): Dupla

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