Olibetta Catfish Cave XL - Both Sides Open

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The catfish cave XL made of real wood is suitable for aquariums which have an outer diameter of 10-13 cm and a length of 12-16 cm. The inner hole is 4 cm in size so that catfish and other catfish of similar size, smaller cave dwellers like cichlids or gobies and smaller crayfish find a great home.

Especially for crayfish, a cave that is open at the front and back is particularly well-suited, because they can get away quickly if they ever get a visit from someone who thinks that their hiding place should actually belong to him.

The catfish cave consists of a natural piece of real wood. The great dark colour makes it visually rather restrained, it still works great in the aquarium and makes a beautiful natural detail with is both subtle and elegant.

One should offer a hiding place in your aquarium to every cave-dweller and provide extra caves so that there are no arguments about the most envied places. The XL catfish cave is easy to combine with caves of the same size or with smaller caves. Each cave is a unique piece because it is made of natural wood and always looks a bit different to the next. So you can avoid boring repetitions.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:

The XL Catfish Cave looks so very rustic when you plant it with a moss cushion or a nice fern (or both). For ease and reliability, the quick adhesive gel ProHaru Rapid by JBL works great or of course, the classic use of a nylon thread.

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