Sterlet for the garden pond

Sterlet fish: 2 products


  • JBL ProPond Sterlet S

    JBL ProPond Sterlet S

    0,50 kg, 1,50 kg, 3 kg
    • Complete food with the right protein-fat ratio of 3: 1 according to the NEO index
    • With salmon, shrimp, squid, spirulina and gammarus for a natural nutrition of sterlets (at 10-25 ° C water temperature)
    • Food size S (3 mm) for fish from 10-30 cm
  • Tetra Pond Sterlet Sticks 1L
    • Specially developed Sterlet recipe
    • Rapidly falling sticks take into account the natural eating behaviour
    • Small sticks meet the physical nutritional requirements

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